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About Louis Bodnar

Louis Bodnar, also the author of El Paso Sunrise, a Novel, published last year by Morgan James Publishing, 2019, and Sunbelt, a Novel published in 1986, Quadrangle Press, is a retired attorney currently living in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma with his wife Joan.

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“Kill him,” the hushed gravelly, almost hoarse voice said on the speaker to the four assassins slouched around the rough-hewn oak table, three of them sipping Stolichnaya vodka straight, while the fourth drank hot tea.  They were the cream of the Russian and Muslim terrorist assassination squads infiltrating America and Canada, and were on the way to El Paso to kill lawyer Steven Vandorol.  Steven had just been appointed special prosecutor and was leading the Texas prosecution of a massive and most pervasive Federal government border corruption and conspiracy case with national implications
right before the fall presidential elections.

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So began the powerful new thriller, El Paso Sunrise, a Novel, released worldwide last year, that riveted the reader’s immediate attention right into the start of a Second American Civil War.


Steven Vandorol, the main character, had it all, but lost everything, when he fell hard from grace in the ultra-rich Sunbelt. Escaping to Washington, D.C., he found himself embroiled in evil, corruption, sexual obsession and addiction, but, confronting his own demons, found peace and serenity in El Paso.