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December Event Review & Transition Into 2020

Louis Bodnar here once again and just real fast wanted to further update all my readers, friends and family about my newest book, El Paso Sunrise, a Novel, and our FANTASTIC December/Christmas Holidays sale/signing events and then transition right into the new year.

El Paso Sunrise, A Novel

As all my readers now well know, El Paso Sunrise, a Novel is an explosive psychological and most timely political thriller, where the main character, Steven Vandorol, a lawyer in El Paso, Texas, that’s being hunted by a team of terrorist assassins and shadowy sinister forces determined to kill Steven, just appointed as special prosecutor in a government corruption case with national implications before the fall presidential election. But it’s more than just that!

It’s also a wonderful thriller and totally entertaining roller coaster ride…and a story of desperate personal survival that ultimately becomes a grand and timeless story of personal transformation, passion, great love, friendship, and intimacy!

El Paso Sunrise | Barnes & Noble Bestseller

Author Louis BodnarBUT FIRST, in December, El Paso Sunrise, a Novel by Louis Bodnar became a Barnes & Noble Bestseller!! The first Signing/Sale Event we had in December was in Oklahoma City, and was on Saturday, December 7th at the Barnes & Noble at 6100 N. May Avenue, Oklahoma City!! It was just plain FANTASTIC and “incredibly successful,” the managers said!!!! My newest novel, El Paso Sunrise, was the new Barnes & Noble single weekend record retail fiction Oklahoma, El Paso, Texas, and Regional Bestseller!!

Besides being a record-breaking sale/signing event, I chatted with many nice folks, made some new friends and had a wonderful time, enjoying the great hospitality of the Barnes & Noble managers and booksellers!!  They made me feel right at home and I even bought a couple of great Christmas presents for my family back in Tulsa!!

Barnes & Noble | Oklahoma City

For those of you that purchased my book, El Paso Sunrise, a Novel by Louis Bodnar at the Barnes & Noble at 6100 N. May Avenue, Oklahoma City, to make it a record-breaking single-day retail bestseller for that store, THANK YOU!!!! If you’re thinking about buying another copy as a Christmas gift for a loved one or just want to know more about my books and me, please visit my new, updated and improved website.  You’ll be glad you did!! You can find pictures of this record-breaking sale/signing event at this link.

Decopolis Art Museum & Bookstore | Tulsa

Next, Joan and I were at Decopolis Art Deco Museum, Gifts & Bookstore, located at 502 S. Boston Ave. in Tulsa, on Saturday, December 14th from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm. This was my second visit and I invited everyone to come by to get a signed, personalized/autographed copy of my book there, look around and enjoy, just because it’s a really cool store as well.

This sale/signing event was right during the Annual Downtown Tulsa Christmas Parade and it was like we had box seats inside the wonderful Decopolis Art Deco Museum to see the parade! The traffic at this sale/signing event was really heavy in the store, especially after the parade was over, and we had another record retail book sale at this really cool store as well!  The owner, William Franklin, really made Joan and I feel at home and we enjoyed talking to some really nice folks that bought my book, got a signed copy and shopped for Christmas presents!

For those of you that purchased my book, El Paso Sunrise, a Novel by Louis Bodnar at the Decopolis Art Deco Museum, Gifts & Bookstore THANK YOU as well!!! You can find pictures of this record-breaking sale/signing event at this link.

Barnes & Noble | Norman

And then, right after that one was over, I left downtown Tulsa and drove directly to Norman, Oklahoma, where I was at the Barnes & Noble Booksellers, 540 Ed Noble Parkway, from 4:30 pm to closing time at 11:00 pm!!  I was really tired by then, but gladly stayed to closing, as, for the third time in December, established yet another Barnes & Noble Bookseller record retail single store sale day for fiction!!

It was also most nostalgic to be back in Norman (for a sale/signing, rather than just for a football game) as I am an Oklahoma University Law School Alumni!!  I also met some really nice folks at this event, made some new friends and really enjoyed this almost new Barnes & Noble Booksellers store that was wonderfully decorated for Christmas!  Many shoppers got their signed copy of El Paso Sunrise for themselves, but many more had me sign my book for a loved one as a Christmas present!

For those of you that purchased my book, El Paso Sunrise, a Novel by Louis Bodnar at this Barnes & Noble Booksellers, 540 Ed Noble Parkway, in Norman, whether for yourself or as a Christmas gift for a friend or family member, a BIG THANK YOU!!!! You can find pictures of this record-breaking sale/signing event at this link.

Transitioning Into the New Year

EL Paso Sunrise, a NovelIt was a really hectic month for Joan and me in December!!  So, to celebrate the Birth of Our Savior, Jesus Christ, we plan to have a wonderful, peaceful and serene Christmas with our family and friends in Tulsa/Broken Arrow!!

And only then, we’ll go into the new year and the spring and summer events for El Paso Sunrise, a Novel by Louis Bodnar and…

El Paso Sunset, a Novel

The continuation novel, El Paso Sunset, a Novel also by Louis Bodnar, that’s almost ready, and will be published in the Fall of 2020, also by Morgan James Publishing *New York-London-Nashville-Vancouver-Melbourne* 5 Pennsylvania Plaza, 23 rd Floor, New York, NY 10018


Hope your holidays are filled with peace, serenity, happiness, and JOY!!!!  Have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2020!