I just wanted to let all my family, friends and readers know that my continuation novel, El Paso Sunset, that had been previously accepted for publication and worldwide release, publication and launch this coming fall, 2020, has unfortunately been delayed due to the pandemic and will now be launched in the Spring of 2021, on April 13th, 2021!!

I’m insisting that the launch of El Paso Sunset, the continuation novel, also be published and launched worldwide in El Paso just like El Paso Sunrise was last year on September 24, 2020, and my publisher, Morgan James Publishing is all in!! As I’ve said to you all before, and after all, what better place to launch these two novels than the city and people that I love – El Paso, Texas! As all my readers already now well know, El Paso Sunrise, a Novel, released worldwide last year in El Paso, achieved phenomenal sales success, was featured in El Paso, Tulsa, Oklahoma City, Edmond and Norman Barnes & Noble and independent bookstores, became an Oklahoma, Texas and four-state regional Barnes & Noble BESTSELLER and continues to sell extremely well into this new year worldwide!!

Since the publishing industry – my publisher, Morgan James Publishing/Ingram Publishing Services, included – and the President, Donald Trump, joined by much of America, firmly believe that the present “hysterical” fake news media generated chaos and criminal violence will likely be completely over by the end of August, all returning to normal, my publisher and I are presently organizing a weekend “Celebrate El Paso” book signing/sale event and tour in El Paso later this summer or early this fall!!

In view of the tremendous success of El Paso Sunrise, a Novel by Louis Bodnar, especially my book becoming a four-state regional BESTSELLER and continuing to sell extremely well this year worldwide, the El Paso Barnes & Noble Bookstores have all expressed an interest in having such a “Celebrate El Paso” major weekend signing/sale event!! Details and publicity will be forthcoming in early August!

Louis Bodnar