June, 2020

INTERVIEWER:  I would like to introduce Louis Bodnar.  Mr. Bodnar, Tulsa author, novelist and Oklahoma native, now living in Broken Arrow, is a retired attorney currently in education, teaching at Glenpool High School, having previously taught at Jenks High School in the Jenks Public School System.  Mr. Bodnar, a graduate of Lawton High School, Lawton, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State University and Oklahoma University College of Law, first practiced law in Oklahoma City for two decades, then in Washington, D.C. for almost three years, before moving to El Paso, Texas, where he practiced law for some fifteen years. 

While actively practicing law in El Paso, Texas from 1987 to 2002, he was an Associate Municipal Judge for the City of El Paso and Special Prosecutor in the case of State of Texas v. Maury Kemp, and others, insurance fraud case that was then the single largest insurance fraud case in the State of Texas to that time. 

From El Paso he relocated to Dallas in 2002 and then retired from a north Dallas, Texas, law firm in 2007 and returned to Oklahoma to be with his family.

Welcome to the show, Mr. Bodnar.  

MR. BODNAR:  Thank you.  It’s great to be here.  Thanks for inviting me.

1. INTERVIEWER:  So, you wrote a book?  What is it and what is it about? 

MR. BODNAR:  It’s really a two book publishing contract with Morgan James Publishing, the first, El Paso Sunrise, which was published and launched worldwide last year, and the continuation novel, El Paso Sunset, to be published this fall, 2020, are together a psychological and most timely political thriller that is also a timeless story of personal transformation and great love.

2. INTERVIEWER:  How does your books start and where is the story located?

MR. BODNAR:  The first line in El Paso Sunrise is: “Kill him” the hushed gravelly, almost hoarse voice said on the speaker to the four assassins slouched around the rough-hewn oak table, three of them sipping Stolichnaya vodka straight, while the fourth drank hot tea.

So begins my powerful new thriller, El Paso Sunrise, a Novel that rivets the readers immediate attention right into a Second American Civil War. The story happens in El Paso, Texas which many people don’t know is an area of almost 5 million people within a 25-mile radius of downtown El Paso. That area is also the most vulnerable underbelly border area in the United States, that includes El Paso, Texas, and Ciudad Juarez of the Federal Republic of Mexico. 

3. INTERVIEWER:  To whom is the book dedicated? 

MR. BODNAR:  To our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and to the most 

important relationship and person on the planet, the love of my life, my wife

Joan.  There are a great many love stories in this world but ours is my favorite. 

4. INTERVIEWER:  Tell us a little more about El Paso Sunrise, a Novel! 

A group of assassins, the cream of the Russian and Muslim radical terrorist assassination squad, are infiltrating the United States from Canada and are on their way to El Paso to kill lawyer Steven Vandorol, the main character.  Steven is leading the Texas prosecution of Federal government corruption that has national implications before the coming Fall presidential election. 

It also begins a grand story of love, passion, intense hate, violence and horror all brought keenly alive against the panorama of the radical transformation of America by radical, insidious and cancerous forces—forces that threaten to annihilate and destroy the very fabric of the American Dream and way of life of our beloved Constitutional Republic. 

5. INTERVIEWER:  You told me earlier that El Paso Sunrise is the first in a two-book publishing contract with Morgan James Publishing. 

MR. BODNAR:  Yes, that is true.  The Steven Vandorol saga continues in El Paso Sunset, a Novel, to be published in Spring, 2021, where stunning Vanessa Carson, Steven’s attorney friend and confidant amid the evil and total corruption of Washington, D.C. brings her sunshine smile back into his life in El Paso and together as one, face their worst nightmares of rape,

kidnapping and murder during the ultimate crises of a second American Civil War started by dark, shadowy and powerful forces and only Steve and Vanessa stand in their way. 

While El Paso Sunrise is a graphic story of abject evil in this world, it is also a timeless love story and also about goodness, faith, grace and friendships blossoming during a national emergency – a clarion call to the world to remember what truly matters, asking the question: “Can Steven force is his own country and government to face their own demons before it’s too late?” 

6. INTERVIEWER:  When was this book be published and launched and how can our audience get El Paso Sunrise, a Novel, and the continuation novel, El Paso Sunset?

MR. BODNAR:  El Paso Sunrise, a Novel, that was published by Morgan James Publishing (New York–London—Nashville—Melbourne—Vancouver), was launched worldwide in El Paso on September 24, 2019. Please visit the author’s website at:  www.LouisBodnar.com to purchase this novel or go directly to Amazon or Barnes & Noble to order and purchase his book, where the electronic edition is also available and can preorder the continuation novel, El Paso Sunset, a Novel by Louis Bodnar, to be published in Spring, 2021, the electronic edition to be available on January 5, 2021.

It has been a real blessing and I’m most gratified that El Paso Sunrise, a Novel, released worldwide last year, achieved phenomenal sales success, was featured in El Paso, Tulsa, Oklahoma City, Edmond and Norman Barnes & Noble and independent bookstores, became an Oklahoma, Texas and four-state regional Barnes & Noble BESTSELLER and continues to sell extremely well into this new year worldwide!!

7. INTERVIEWER:  So how did this book, or books come about? 

MR. BODNAR:  Much of my books are based on my own life.  In practicing of law and my own personal experiences, I’ve always kept a journal and after many journal pages, I decided to turn my journal writings into a novel, with of course, fictional materials thrown in. 

When, I left Oklahoma City after almost eighteen years of practice for El Paso, I joined a law firm in Downtown El Paso of a lawyer friend that I had known before when I practiced in Oklahoma City.

I was after a lifetime of turmoil, pain and addiction, I finally found peace and serenity and transformation while living and practicing law in El Paso.  After September 11, 2001, I relocated to Dallas, practiced law until 2007 there and retired from a Dallas law firm and returned home to Oklahoma to be with family.  I then met and married the love of my life, Joan, and live in Broken Arrow where I work in education at Glenpool High School.  I continue to write, working with Joan, my primary “editor,” and living the dream as has been said by many, but accomplished by very few.

8. INTERVIEWER:  There has been 33 years since your first novel.  Why now for your second and third? 

MR. BODNAR:  Short answer, life intervened. 

9. INTERVIEWER:  El Paso Sunrise is written with a conservative slant.  How do you feel liberal readers will respond?  Does that concern you? 

MR. BODNAR:  Winston Churchill, Prime Minister of Great Britain during World War II, said, “If you’re not a liberal at twenty, you have no heart.  If you’re not a conservative at fifty, you have no brain.”  I’m a conservative and proud of it.  But, being a writer now, I respect everyone’s opinion, if they really believe it.  As has been said, “Opinions are like elbows, everyone has one!”

10. INTERVIEWER:  This book slants a Christian nuance.  How strongly do you feel that Christianity or the lack of it, has affected the world today? 

MR. BODNAR:  When we took God out of public life, out of our schools and out of education, and by political correctness, we let Satan right in!!  After our fathers won World War II and came home, they were too busy making the United States into the world’s primary superpower they neglected their children and led a whole generation into free love and rebellion.  Our world today is on a downward spiral of lust, materialism, addiction and selfishness. 

My life is governed by John 14:6 of the Bible. When Jesus Christ said, “I am the way, the truth, and the life and no man cometh unto the Father, but my me.”

11. INTERVIEWER:  Have you ever considered returning to law? Why or why not? 

MR. BODNAR:  Never.  It’s been corrupted by lawyers in their quest for the almighty dollar.  I know because I’ve been there, until I realized that Satan was in charge.  It was William Shakespeare who said very long ago “The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers.” Then let’s not forget who Christ drove out of the temple—the bankers, hucksters and lawyers. 

One of my favorite authors, Michael Connelly, in his recent bestseller, Two Kinds of Truth said that one of those was: “The truth that was the unalterable bedrock of one’s life and mission.  And the other, the malleable truth of politicians, charlatans, corrupt lawyers and their clients bent and molded to serve whatever purpose was at hand.”

12.  INTERVIEWER:  How would you encourage young authors to not give up on their dream of being published? 

MR. BODNAR:  If you love to read, write a journal, then write, write, write, because if you love to read and write you have a gift from the Lord.  Any monkey can be taught to write, type or work a computer.  Pavlov taught a dog how to salivate, but only human beings created by God can be taught to read and write by good teachers, I might add.  Look into the face of a new born child and try to deny the existence of God.  Way back in 1765, one of our founders, John Adams said, “Let us dare to read, think, speak and write.”  

13.  INTERVIEWER:  Why do writer’s write and why did you write these novels?

So, to wrap this up, why do we writers write in the first place? My friend, David Morrell, in his book, says, “Write what you know. The best stories choose us. We don’t choose them.” I think the type of stories we tell also chooses us!  There’s a story about Stephen King – when he was asked by a literary critic, rather aloof and patronizing, why he writes horror, his response was, “What makes you think I have a choice?”

Also, quoting, “We writers understand the world by how we retrieve memories, reorder information and tell stories to justify how we feel!” That’s Ernest Hemingway, I think, and I agree with him completely. Ken Foster, writer/editor, said, “The best writers reveal something about themselves that a smarter person would choose to hide.”

Lastly, one of the best about writers: “Don’t be afraid of giving yourself away, for if you write, you must! And if you can’t face that, better not write!” (Katherine Anne Porter, Author Novelist – 1958)

One last thing about my novels:  the story happens in El Paso, celebrates El Paso and was written by me, mostly in El Paso, all the while I was living and practicing law there from 1987 to 2002. Although I’m an “Okie” at heart and an Oklahoma native, I love El Paso and the people in the El Paso/Ciudad Juarez border area, and still have many friends, colleagues, and contacts that I accumulated there during the almost 15 years I lived there!  It was in El Paso that, after a lifetime of turmoil, chaos and survival, I finally found peace and serenity.

I hope that El Paso Sunrise, the novel, already available worldwide, and the continuation novel, El Paso Sunset, will be the same for El Paso, the city, just like Marty Robbins’ song, El Paso, was in the late 50s!

13. INTERVIEWER:  Finally, how can your readers and potential readers get your novel and do you have any book signings planned?

MR. BODNAR:  Readers can go to my website: www.LouisBodnar.com to purchase this novel, El Paso Sunrise, a Novel, go directly to Amazon or Barnes & Noble to order and purchase this book, where the electronic edition is also available, and can preorder the continuation novel, El Paso Sunset, a Novel by Louis Bodnar, to be published in Spring, 2021, the electronic edition to be available on January 5, 2021, subscribe to receive updates, discounts and to check out my blogs, News and Events page for future book signings.