My First Essay


Sunday, August 25, 2019


This is my first “real” essay for my website since it was redesigned after our first design of our very first website, something which I had absolutely no clue of what web design was all about!  More on this in later entries, on another day…

So here goes my first entry of my personal online journal!  In this first entry, I’ll share my thoughts and, most important, my convictions and moral compass first, before all else!

First, my life is now dedicated to my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Secondary to my Lord, the most important things in my life on this planet, our world, are my marriage, my family and my friends!

Everything else on this planet, our world, is what I call, ROW – or Rest of World stuff – all fleeting, all unimportant, all temporary.  When I say something is ROW, I sometimes mean it’s predictable, trite, maybe funny, maybe stupid, or maybe even neurotic!  I don’t mean to be judgmental or critical, it’s just my opinion as to where that “thing” stands in importance as to matters of this world or of human nature.

This essay then, is about what’s important to me, secondary only to my relationship with my Lord – my human relationships:  my relationship with my wife, with my family and with my friends, all important intimate relationships!

Just this last Friday, as I was checking my emails at work, I came across Keith Ablow’s newsletter that I receive monthly, and always read with great interest!  I’d been following Dr. Ablow for many years and he had a wonderful essay about the relationship between psychiatry and Faith.  I was compelled to read it through and then again compelled to reply right on his website!  And this is what I wrote:

You are so dead on!! The power of Faith and daily prayer were so instrumental in my transformation from a neurotic mess and enslaved addict to finally seeing myself and, in the now, having a measure of peace and serenity in my life! Currently, I’m working on “an upward progression” of love and emotional intimacy with the forever and always love of my life, my wife Joan. We, together as one, are working toward achieving happiness and JOY on this planet. I said “working toward” because we’ll not have complete happiness and joy until we’re together in paradise with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

I have been following you, Keith, for a long time! I’ve read most of your books, learned much about writing from you and even borrowed a character name from one of your novels – North Anderson! You can find him in “El Paso Sunrise, a Novel” by Louis Bodnar, which will be launched, published and released worldwide by Morgan James Publishing (New York-London-Nashville-Vancouver-Melbourne) on September 24, 2019!! The continuation novel, “El Paso Sunset, a Novel” by Louis Bodnar will also be published by Morgan James Publishing in Fall, 2020!

I mention these two novels not only because of a character, North Anderson, but also because the main character, Steven Vandorol, undergoes a transformation in both himself and in his once in a lifetime love relationship! In these two novels, I introduce my own theory of the upward progression of intimate human relationships, the top of which is the one between a man and a woman, that I’ve called, “The ONE, TWO, THREE, FOUR of Human Relationships.”

Please go to my website: where I would be honored if you would subscribe to my blog! Thank you for this opportunity to share thoughts with you, Dr. Ablow, about things that really matter! With warm regards and many Blessings,
Louis Bodnar
Broken Arrow (Tulsa), Oklahoma

So, in this first essay I will introduce THE ONE in “The ONE, TWO, THREE, FOUR of Human Relationships.”

BUT, before that, I’ll ask a question:  Why have a theory about human relationships on this planet in the first place???

I think the third saying in my newest novel, El Paso Sunrise, after the dedication page says it best when it’s stated that:

“With God’s Grace freely given, the completion of the intimacy work in progress between a man and a woman in a relationship, completely depends on each, by their own God given choice, coming to know and understand themselves fully, and only actually happens the moment that the woman forgives her own father, lets him go and lets her son go to another woman of his own… and the man forgives his own mother, lets her go and lets his daughter go to a another man of her own.”

The essence of my “One, Two, Three, Four” theory of intimate human relationships (referred to in this essay simply as “4”) is the “Self,” which is the One in “4.”

As the One (1) in “4”, the “self,” refers to an individual human being with the Good Lord and our Savior, Jesus Christ in that individual’s heart and soul that begins the circle of life for that individual at birth.  Who can look in the face of a newborn child and deny the existence of God?  In One, if there is no spark of life given by our Creator, then there is nothing…

So, what’s next in my theory of human relationships?  Obviously, it’s the TWO…

That’s it for today!  I will endeavor to write about my theory consistently, maybe once or twice a week, until I finish telling my readers about this whole theory, all before I write about any ROW stuff!

Louis Bodnar   8-25-2019