I’ll begin my July blog/essay by quoting the ending of my January 24, 2021, one:

“Final words for January, 2021:
I’ve left public school education behind! As I’ve left the year 2020 behind, I wanted to thank all my family, friends and, especially, all my readers that made El Paso Sunrise, a Novel, a 5-State regional Barnes & Noble Bestseller – and, hopefully, a worldwide success as well – and say that I’ve changed again, hopefully for the better yet, and look forward, with great anticipation, to the worldwide launch, release and publication of the Continuation Novel, El Paso Sunset, on April 13, 2021, in El Paso, Texas!”   For the January 24th essay/blog see:

In January 2021, “The Great Con” Covid – 19 epidemic was still raging in our once-Great United States of America and…worldwide…to the ultimate end of 600,000 needless American lives lost, May God Bless them all and may they rest in peace!  

Why did this happen?  Only The Good Lord Knows for sure…

We in the Rest Of the World (ROW) can only speculate???

How about this for a “speculation” …

“U.S. Government bureaucrats are accused of covering up how COVID – 19 was developed as a bioweapon in a Chinese lab funded with American taxpayer’s money!”  See: America Played for Patsy in China Covid Scam.  National Inquirer, June 28, 2021, found @:

Without much fanfare, my Continuation Novel, El Paso Sunset, was published worldwide on April 13, 2021, by Morgan James Publishing (New York-London-Nashville-Vancouver) online and you can see my virtual pre-launch interview by my publisher @: 

Also, the launch interview was carried by Lone Star Literary Life on June 26, 2021, blog: 

More about Lone Star Literary Life, an online book review news publisher, later in this blog.

That was January 2021, and this now: July 2021 – 6 months later!

First, an apology for the delay of posting this essay/blog!  I’m sorry!  Life in general in our once-Great Constitutional Republic had also been delayed…

I’m sorry to my family, friends and readers for this long delay and I’m also very sorry for my beloved America being forced by evil to “its knees.”  

In July 2021, America’s great downward progression and rampant transformation to insignificance continues!!!! 

Permit me, as the author, to quote from my book, the Continuation Novel, El Paso Sunset, just published in April 2021, from the Epilogue, page 207:

In November, the US presidential elections quelled the rising tide of evil temporarily with the election of Donald Trump. Even still, the insidious corruption of government, education, religion, family, and culture by Muslims, illegals, communists, Latin American criminals, leftist progressives, and the American Democratic Party—fueled by a propaganda leftist fake news media—subverted all that was good and turned all into abject evil. The tyranny and soft bigotry of lowered expectations was slowly killing America, and would continue in the rest of the world unabated until the coming of our Lord and Savior.”  El Paso Sunset, a Novel, by Louis Bodnar, published April 13, 2021 by Morgan James Publishing (New York-London-Nashville-Vancouver).

Our once-Great Constitutional Republic, the United States of America, continues its transformation to domestic turmoil, chaos and worldwide irrelevance!

Worldwide, the Communist Chinese seem to be in control of the rampant evil engulfing our planet with Satanic evil!  From the Bible, in Revelations 16:12: 12 And the sixth angel poured out his vial upon the great river Euphrates; and the water thereof was dried up, that the way of the kings of the east might be prepared.” (Emphasis mine)

The Kings of the East – Communist China – is prophesied in the Bible to cross the Euphrates River 20 million strong to start Armageddon on the great plains of Megiddo!!

And the Communist Chinese, the “Chicoms” as the late and great conservative radio personality – Rush Limbaugh – used to call them, have been in control of that abject evil for a very long time!!

It gives me no pleasure, or satisfaction, to again quote from my Continuation Novel, El Paso Sunset, where in the ‘Author’s Note and Appendix to this Novel,’ I say, on page 208, as follows:

“What follows this author’s note is the fictionalized, redacted, simplified, and shortened version of footnote No. 1 – the actual indictment and factual background from Steve Emerson’s The Investigative Project on Terrorism (IPT), especially the use of the indictment and the federal conspiracy prosecution and proceedings in the 2014 Federal District Court case in Dallas, Texas, that resulted in Hamas, The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), and other terror organizations being placed on the State Department’s list of active terrorist organizations. 

“Also, following the superseded and amended indictment, is the fictionalized warrant for the arrest and detention of all the fictionalized defendants named referred to in footnote No. 2, Epilogue, page 172.

“Chinese Communists Colonel Qiao Liang and Colonel Wang Xiangsui are in fact the real co-authors of Unrestricted Warfare: China’s Master Plan to Destroy America (Translated from original Communist Chinese documents with an introduction by Al Santoli), Pan American Publishing Company, 2002 (ISBN 0-9716807-2-8).”  For the purposes of El Paso Sunrise and this continuation novel, El Paso Sunset, both Liang and Xiangsui are in the public domain worldwide. They have both been fictionalized as characters in a work of fiction, and their characterizations are also products of my imagination. (Emphasis all mine)

In 2002, this publication detailed both the use of Muslim Terrorism infestation, as actually occurred on September 11,

 2001, and biological warfare with the use of bioweapons such as Covid-19 virus!!

Not so much speculation any more, is it??

In July 2021, all that I said in El Paso Sunset, the insidious corruption of government, education, religion, family, and culture by Muslims, illegals, communists, Latin American criminals, leftist progressives, and the American Democratic Party—fueled by a propaganda leftist fake news media—subverted all that was good and turned all into abject evil…continues at an accelerated, on steroids, pace!!

In education, the liberals and progressives are hysterically pushing ‘Critical Race Theory’ and the new ‘Woke’ on public school education.  The LGBTG aberrations are forcing their way into our bedrooms, Christian churches, Jewish synagogues, and worst of all, with their “abomination” (Leviticus 18:22) vitriol, attempting to destroy the family and marriage between a man and woman under God!!

On the national level, just a brief glance at Washington, D.C. establishment and the American Democratic Party voter and border corruption, as that’s fueled by a propaganda leftist “fake news” media, and all can see the vast corruption in our Federal Government.  And see the rampant urban violence and crime – of movements such as BLM and vicious Mexican street gangs – and the ecology nut jobs have been doing for a very long time!  Finally, in culture, we have almost only sleaze, pornography, sex and violence, where the new ‘cultural poster boys and girls’ are the Clintons and Bidens, Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell, John Edwards and Harvey Weinstein, not to mention all the Hollywood Sleaze!

Enough said…

I, as an author, have transformed as well!  But first, the books:

After the worldwide launch of the Continuation Novel, El Paso Sunset, the dual sales of both books skyrocketed and were exceptionally well received in the 5-State regional market of Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, Kansas and Missouri.  It’s well on the way to becoming a regional bestseller as well!!

The first dual review of El Paso Sunrise, and the Continuation Novel, El Paso Sunset, by the Independent Booksellers of America, was exceptional, captured the essence of the El Paso novels, the saga of Steven Vandorol and Vanessa Carson and their grand love story!  The Indie Review of both books can be found @: 

As always, a BIG THANK YOU to ALL MY READERS for making El Paso Sunrise, a Novel, published in 2019, a five-state regional Barnes & Noble BESTSELLER and for hopefully making the just-released Continuation Novel, El Paso Sunset, a regional BESTSELLER as well!!  Book sales of both El Paso Sunrise, a Novel, and first edition advance copies of El Paso Sunset, over the last six months online on our website: and in LIVE book signing/sales in Tulsa, Oklahoma City and Rogers, Arkansas, were phenomenal and exceeded all our expectations in books signed/sold!!

Also, this past June, The TEXAS Lone Star Literary Life Virtual Book Blog Tour, started on Tuesday, June 22nd and ended July 4th @: The Virtual Book Blog Tour for both my books was a tremendous success in Texas and in a regional five-state market area and my personal thanks go to Kristine Hall, Owner and Publisher of LONE STAR LITERARY LIFE for a job well done!!  See the Tour Summary: 

Finally, a very special THANKS to the good folks at Gardner’s Used Books & Comics, once again, just like I thanked them in my March 5th post,

With the great help of the largest and best independent bookstore in Oklahoma – Gardner’s Used Books & Comics, 4421 South Mingo Road, Tulsa, Oklahoma – my Wonderful Readers beat the *Covid* Malaise that was shrouding, and through governmental mandates gripping, our great City of Tulsa, by coming out in droves to our last three Special Beat *Covid* Malaise Signing/Sale Events for my two books!”

See my March 5th, 2021, post @:  

Back to my own transformation as an author!

My life priorities as a person remain the same!  My Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, my wife, Joan, my family and friends – all priorities, and in that order!  My Lord and my human relationships!  For the relationships, my July 27th, 2019, post, “Our 5th Anniversary” covers it and can be found on this website @: 

Simply put, I’m an author now, and as such –


That may sound harsh, but is honest!  In ROW, after my own personal priorities, I care only about my readers and my personal passion for writing!

As I wrote my sister, and fellow author, Cara Sandra Lewis, in a recent personal email:

But I think we’re really on different planes as authors go!  I couldn’t care less about the “making money” part 

either, as I’ve been there, and done that, and it neither made me happy, nor brought any JOY to my life!  At this point in my life there is much joy and intimacy, first, with our Lord; with Joan, the love of my life; with you, my sister, Cara Sandra; my daughter, Angela; a couple of grandkids; our friends…and in my being an author-writer and the real joy of writing!!  The selling of my books to a reader just provides me the personal joy, reward, affirmation, and intimacy with that reader/purchaser – just a way of keeping track!  Does this make sense to you?”

Thanks, Sis, for letting me share this paragraph with my readers on my website blog/essay!

And that’s all, as I turn my full attention to the draft manuscript of my next novel, Before the Sunrise, a Novel, which is the prequel to the El Paso novels…

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