Author Louis Bodnar

Post Worldwide Launch and Release of El Paso Sunrise, a Novel by Louis Bodnar in El Paso, Texas

Louis Bodnar once again, to update all my family, friends, former colleagues, associates, contacts and website subscribers, about my book El Paso Sunrise, a Novel, that was just published, launched and released worldwide this past September 24th @ our Viva El Paso!!!

El Paso Sunrise Launch

A Celebration of a Texas City Event held in El Paso, Texas!!! This event was hosted by Barnes&Noble Bookseller Bookstores and by the University of Texas @ El Paso (UTEP) Student Bookstore. My book was published and released by Morgan James Publishing (NewYork-London-Nashville-Vancouver-Melbourne) 5 Pennsylvania Plaza, 23rd Floor, New York, NY 10018.

About El Paso Sunrise, a Novel

Author Louis BodnarAs my readers know, my book, El Paso Sunrise is an explosive psychological and most timely political thriller. It is also a story of desperate personal survival that ultimately becomes a grand and timeless story of personal transformation, passion, great love, friendship, and intimacy!

The story happens in El Paso, celebrates El Paso and was written by me in El Paso, all while I was practicing law there from 1987 to 2002.  Although I’m an “Okie” at heart, and an Oklahoma native, I love El Paso and the people in the El Paso/Ciudad Juarez Border metropolitan areas. I still have many friends, colleagues, and contacts accumulated there during the almost 15 years I lived and practiced law in El Paso!

I hope that El Paso Sunrise, the book, will be for El Paso, the City, just like Marty Robbins’ song “El Paso” was in the late 1950s! Please see further biographical information at this link.

About Louis Bodnar

During the time I lived and practiced law in El Paso, I was an Associate Municipal Judge for The City of El Paso for several years. I was also appointed by the then District Attorney, Steve Simmons, as the Special Prosecutor, leading the prosecution in the case of State of Texas v. Maury Kemp, El Paso Electric, et al. This case was the largest insurance fraud case in Texas at that time.

My publisher, Morgan James Publishing, and I believed that, especially at the time of this national tragedy occurring in El Paso, and to celebrate this wonderful major American and Texas city, with its El Paso/Ciudad Juarez border metropolitan areas, that El Paso would be most properly the very best place for the actual physical launch of El Paso Sunrise this past September 24th!

El Paso Sunrise in The News

Before going to El Paso, I was interviewed here in Tulsa to announce and promote the launch and release of my book. Click this link for an interview I had with one of the hosts, Keith Taylor, in Tulsa on KTUL Channel 8’s Good Day Tulsa.

Therefore, my wife and I were in El Paso for the release and the launch of my book and my publisher was definitely correct, as the launch went way beyond our initial expectations!!  Click this link to watch an interview by KTSM – NBC Channel 9 – El Paso, Texas, that ran the whole day on the release day, September 24th, from 8:00 am to 11:00 pm.

Book Launch in El Paso, Texas

The UTEP (where I taught business law for four years) Bookstore and Barnes & Noble Stores all cooperated beautifully, especially the one at Fountains @ Farrah, which is near the Walmart where the tragedy occurred!

The two-day book sales were records for the three bookstores, we’re told and I’m getting numbers from my publisher, Amazon, Barnes &, and other sources! You can also purchase El Paso Sunrise, a Novel directly from my website.

Joan and I had a “4-day date” in El Paso and had a wonderful, magical time, especially at Cafe’ Central, the best restaurant in El Paso and in west Texas.  (It’s also where a scene occurs in my book).  It was really nostalgic for me and a great experience for Joan – she said on the way back, “I really wouldn’t mind living in El Paso!”.

The 1,600-mile round trip drive was exhausting. We’ll fly the next time we go to El Paso again, probably at this time in the Fall, 2020, when the continuation novel, El Paso Sunset, will be published, launched and released worldwide again by Morgan James Publishing (New York-London-Nashville-Vancouver-Melbourne) 5 Pennsylvania Plaza, 23rd Floor, New York, NY 10018.

Please see my website for information on the continuation novel, El Paso Sunset, a Novel.

Oklahoma Book Launch

El Paso Book SigningOur Oklahoma City/Edmond Launch Celebration Sale/Signing Event was on Monday, September 30th at The Full Circle Bookstore, 1900 NW Expressway, Oklahoma City, from 6:30 – 8:00 PM!  It was a well-attended launch. I signed and the store sold several first edition copies, I made several friends and was invited to a book club signing/sale in

Also, our Tulsa Launch Celebration Sale/Signing event was on Tuesday, October 1st at Bluestone Steakhouse & Seafood, 10032 S. Sheridan Road, 4:00 to 7:00 PM, at which time, we had available and I signed and autographed many copies of the first edition of my book, chatted with friends and readers, and had the usual wonderful dinner in
the finest restaurant in south Tulsa!

In addition, we have now scheduled sale/signing events in Oklahoma City’s Quail Springs Mall, Tulsa’s Woodland Plaza, and Tulsa’s South Roads Mall, all Barnes & Noble Booksellers, for the remaining Saturdays in October!

Win El Paso Sunrise, a Novel

Finally, the last event in October is at Bluestone Steakhouse & Seafood, 10032 S. Sheridan Road, in South Tulsa, The 4th Annual “Boo-stone” Wine Diner and Costume Contest & Silent Auction on Monday, October 28th, 2019.  The silent auction will benefit Joy In The Cause and will be conducted by Bluestone Steakhouse owner, long time south Tulsa restaurateur, my friend Bill Tackett!

The silent auction will include five (5) signed and autographed first edition copies of my newest novel, El Paso Sunrise, now released in El Paso on September 24th and available worldwide! After the auction is completed, the purchaser can have all five copies personalized, by me, to family and friends, if to be gifted, and chat with me, the author, about my book!

Joan and I will be wearing Halloween costumes for this event, me as an “author” and Joan as my “editor”! We’ll take pictures and will post in the “news” section of my website!

Closing Thoughts on El Paso Sunrise

As I said, El Paso Sunrise is an explosive psychological and most timely political thriller that is also a story of desperate personal survival that ultimately becomes a grand story of transformation, passion, love, friendship, and intimacy! The continuation novel, El Paso Sunset, will be published in the Fall of 2020 by Morgan James Publishing (New York – London – Nashville – Vancouver – Melbourne) 5 Pennsylvania Plaza, 23rd Floor, New York, NY 10018.

That’s all our events for October and our November is completely full going into Thanksgiving and the Holiday Season thereafter!

As I’ve said and to repeat, my book was published, launched and released worldwide on September 24, 2019, by Morgan James Publishing (New York-London-Nashville-Vancouver-Melbourne) and the E-book has already been available on Barnes & and since this past 4th of July!

You can find further information by visiting my website. You can also stay up to date on future events by following me on my Facebook page.

I’ll apologize in advance for the length of this Post Launch and Release Blog; however, I wanted to provide all the relevant information about my book because these events are, I believe, most important not only to Tulsa, and Tulsa authors but to our entire great State of Oklahoma as well!

I’m sure that my sweet wife and primary editor will again accuse me of, “way too much blah, blah blah…” as she’s always saying… :- (  Anyway, stay tuned for further updates and essays…