Thank You

First and foremost, I am most grateful to my Lord for the Blessings and Miracles of my life from birth to the present day and for the unmerited Grace of my lifetime, especially for joining me with the best hearted woman on earth, my wife, Joan Carol. She is the love of my life and to quote the great American poet Walt Whitman,

“Day by day
and night by night
we are together –
all else
has long been forgotten
by me.”

I would also give thanks to Steve Emerson and his website, IPT-The Investigative Project on Terrorism, for the insights on Muslim terrorism and Caliphate and the use of the Indictment and proceedings that placed the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, Hezbollah, Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) and other Muslim organizations and individuals on the U.S. Department of States’ list of designated terrorist organizations and individuals.

While I’ve not met him personally, I thank Quentin Tarantino for the wonderful and powerful screenplay for the movie “Pulp Fiction” that truly exemplifies the a major theme of El Paso Sunrise/Sunset that while there is no survival for humanity as a whole, there is for the individual by Grace of God and human choice.

I also want to acknowledge my first law partner, the late George Miller who was my mentor and surrogate father for not only helping me become a good lawyer but also for the practical guidance on writing. I used George and his wife of 50 years, Susan, as models for the fictitious characters Courtney and Arlene Wellington in this novel.  George was not only the best lawyer I have ever known but also a true man of God.

Last, but not least, I give thanks to another writer of old, that very complex and highly neurotic, yet most brilliant, the genius Ayn Rand, whose 1958 epic novel “Atlas Shrugged” I read as a high school sophomore and whose philosophy shaped mine.  She is yet another angel the Good Lord placed into my life the summer of 1963 and I have often quoted one of her themes that, “The good always get beat to death with their own goodness.”

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