The Steven Vandorol Saga all started with El Paso Sunrise and now continues in El Paso Sunset…


A Special LIVE POST COVID/POST DELTA STRAIN FALL Sale/Signing Event will be held on Saturday, September 25th, 2021, at Gardner’s Used Books & Comics, 4421 South Mingo Road, Tulsa, Oklahoma, starting at 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM closing, where the Barnes & Noble regional BESTSELLER El Paso Sunrise, a Novel, published in 2019, AND first edition copies of the Continuation Novel, El Paso Sunset, launched and published worldwide on April 13th, will BOTH again be available for author signing and sale! 

Always a BIG THANK YOU to ALL MY READERS for making El Paso Sunrise, a Novel, published in 2019, a five-state regional Barnes & Noble BESTSELLER and for hopefully making the just-released Continuation Novel, El Paso Sunset, a regional BESTSELLER as well!!  Book sales of both El Paso Sunrise, a Novel, and first edition advance copies of El Paso Sunset, over the last six months online on our website: and in LIVE book signing/sales in Tulsa, Oklahoma City, Edmond and Rogers, Arkansas, were phenomenal and exceeded all our expectations in books signed/sold!!

Another Special Thank You also to the good folks and Bookseller Team at Gardner’s Books & Comics for their continuous and courageous support of Tulsa area authors in the midst of Covid-19 & Delta Strain viral outbreaks by continuing LIVE signing/sales in 2020 and 2021!!

As my readers also know The TEXAS Lone Star Literary Life Virtual Book Blog Tour, that started on Tuesday, June 22nd and ended July 4th @: for both my books was a tremendous success in Texas and in a regional five-state market area!!  See the Tour Summary: 

The reviews of my books were excellent:

“While El Paso Sunrise is a graphic story of evil in this world, it is also a timeless love story about goodness, faith, grace and friendship blossoming during a national emergency — a clarion call to the world to remember what truly matters — asking the question . . .

Can Steven force his own country and government to face their own demons before it’s too late?” 

-The Clueless Gent


“An explosive and gruesome ending amidst a frightening powder keg of a plot will definitely capture the imagination and perhaps serve as a persuasive wake-up call for the nation to reunite and reinforce its global position as a strong and fully unified United States of America.”

-Lone Star Literary Life

For full review see: 

Finally, the best and most honest review can be found @:  ——–


“Overall, this pair of novels is jam-packed with espionage, terrorism, and conspiracy theories in a fast-paced format full of bigger-than-life characters and situations. Definitely worth the read.”


Also just letting ALL my friends and readers know that my continuation novel, El Paso Sunset, released worldwide on April 13th, and El Paso Sunrise, a Novel, previously published in 2019, are BOTH STILL AVAILABLE RIGHT NOW   just by visiting my website:  where you can buy BOTH for one low price!  All copies purchased will be signed and mailed, postage free!  



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