The 3 of 4LIFE Theory

The THREE of One, Two, Three, Four of Human Relationships

In my last POST…I’m now calling them POSTs since I didn’t like blogs (sounded like throw-ups) or essays (too formal) until my web designer, Matt called them
what I should have been calling them in the first place!


Again, just re-reading that title, it’s confusing to me, so it’s probably more confusing to any reader!! It sounds way too blah, blah, blah-ish… Let me try to simplify, to”KISS Doctrine” it…

How about: 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 = 4LIFE! Okay, that’s a lot better…

Blueprint of the “One, Two, Three, Four” Theory (Now Just “4LIFE”)

For simplicity’s sake, here is the “blueprint” of 4LIFE to guide my readers, so here is “4LIFE Simplified”:

One – Self
Two – The two and only important things on this planet: survival and the quest for emotional intimacy.
Three – “How to” have emotional intimacy with another: commonality, sharing, and LOVE.
Four – The four-part definition of Love!

Okay, all?? Is that “KISS Doctrine” enough??  I hope so…But first, let’s see about 2 of 4LIFE again…

Again, from my first “blog,” My Journey, and I’ll quote: “The Two in “4” represents the two and only important aspects of life in our world, survival and an individual’s quest for emotional intimacy with other individuals, the top being between a man and a woman as created by our Lord between Adam and Eve to begin the human experience. The product of survival and doing that well is serenity, while the product of the quest for emotional intimacy is happiness and joy.

The TWO of 4LIFE

Louis BodnarIn summary, the 2 of 4LIFE is the two and only important aspects of life in our
world, survival and an individual’s quest for emotional intimacy! So, that’s the 2 of 4LIFE!  And once again I’ll ask: Is 2 understandable??  Is 2 confusing?? What do YOU think so far??

I’d be delighted in your feedback! But I think it’s a whole lot simpler than before – just look back at the title of this post?? Isn’t just 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 = 4LIFE a lot better? Or a lot simpler?? Readers, you tell me!!

Okay, we’re getting to the really important parts of my theory, “1 + 2 + 3 + 4 = 4LIFE.”  The next essay will be about THREE!! And I’ll again challenge my readers to turn my theory into a one-sentence statement!  Let’s try to do just that together, okay, Readers??

I’m already formulating that one-sentence statement that everyone can understand as to the meaning of this, my theory! Let’s work on this together…

In just re-reading the above, I’m asking myself – Am I getting too bogged down in just “numbers”??  Huhmm…

Since the numbers and confusion problems have now been handled, we can go on to…1 + 2 + 3 + 4 = 4LIFE and the 3…


The 3 of 4LIFE TheoryThe 3 in “4LIFE” represents the “how-to” an individual connects with another to gain “emotional intimacy” in that relationship. The answer is that there must be three (3) ingredients between them to begin an upward progression in intimacy for that particular relationship to be ultimately successful.

Those three ingredients are commonality, sharing, and love. Commonality between two individuals means that they have similarities in character, morality and life experience. Sharing, on the other hand, is the one to one contact between these individuals and includes the “good, bad and the ugly” all shared truthfully, honestly, and regularly.

Finally, love is the emotion and feeling that binds them together as one. Lastly, the Four in “4” is the four-part definition of true and real love between two individuals and is applicable to all relationships from nodding acquaintances, to
friends, to girlfriends and boyfriends, to husbands and wives and consists of passion, tenderness, commitment over time and the cornerstone of love, self- love.

As it’s been said, one cannot love another if one does not love oneself. But that’s for another day, so I’ll ask: are you, readers, any closer to a one-sentence statement of the simple equation???? I am, and then I’ll try to have it in the next post…maybe…Feedback to 3 of 4LIFE?? Readers??

The 4 of 4LIFE post coming up next……………………stay tuned……