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The TWO of One, Two, Three, Four of Human Relationships

As a follow-up to my first essay (I’m having a hard time calling them “blog” because that sounds like something the dog threw up) of August 25th, I just had some feedback on “The ONE, TWO, THREE, FOUR of Human Relationships,” my own theory I developed over the many years, yet didn’t quite understand myself, until the last five years of my “senior citizenship!”

As you, my readers know, this is my own theory that I introduced in El Paso Sunrise, my book, that was all-bookstores launched and published worldwide on September 24th right in El Paso, Texas! – (The subject of my next essay – Viva El Paso!  The Celebration of a Texas City!! Post Worldwide Launch & Release in El Paso, Texas) You can find more information on El Paso Sunrise here.

My “One, Two, Three, Four” Theory

From my first “blog” of January 2nd, 2014, “My Journey,” I said,

The “One, Two, Three, Four” Theory of Human Relationships on the planet, our world as human beings, as described in this novel, is my own.  I first described this theory to an audience of teenagers that were recipients of Masonic College Scholarships and were gathered and honored at the Masonic Temple in Guthrie, Oklahoma in 1977.

I had been practicing law in Oklahoma City for almost five years. I was previously an alumni recipient of one of those scholarships, without which Oklahoma State University and Oklahoma University College of Law would probably have been difficult, if not impossible. That scholarship was a result of my guardian and uncle, Ted Lewis, having been a lifelong member of the Masonic Lodge, and his efforts when I was a senior at Lawton High School in Lawton, Oklahoma, from where I graduated.

Ted attempted but could not obtain a congressional appointment for me to enter the Military Academy at West Point. Ted Lewis, a Jewish New Yorker from South Bronx, was career military, a veteran of World War II, and a member of the “Greatest Generation.” He was one of the Lord’s designated angels that saved my life three times, and I know where he currently resides.”

And that’s my own theory of an upward progression of intimate human relationships, the top of which is the one between a man and a woman in marriage under our God! For “Kiss Doctrine” purposes I’ll call my theory as simply FOUR! (Keep It Simple Stupid – that’s me, and I have to keep reminding myself of that daily – because as my wife sometimes calls me, I’m “Old blah, blah, blah Louie”)

“One, Two, Three, Four” Theory in El Paso Sunrise

Author Louis Bodnar In my last essay, I covered the ONE of FOUR, in this essay, as a follow-up, I will describe the TWO of FOUR.  But, before I do that, I’ll digress to tell you about some feedback that I received from a good friend and reader of El Paso Sunrise.

She said that, in a certain conversation between Steven Vandorol, the lead character in El Paso Sunrise, and another character in the book, a woman, Steven describes FOUR to her, his date in a restaurant, but she was totally confused and didn’t get it at all!

My reader friend was likewise confused and didn’t get the theory either, although she did enjoy reading the dialogue in the book!  Neither the character in the book, nor my friend, my reader, didn’t get what Steven, the character, was talking about, or what I’m trying to say in this, my own theory!  

Anyway, I didn’t think my theory was Rocket Science!  Just guessing as to why the confusion…Well, it’s just my opinion, but I think that confusion may be just what I call “blinders” – but that’s another conversation for another day!  For the woman character in my book, my showing of her lack of understanding and confusion was intentional!  

So again, let’s see if, in this series of essays about FOUR as a whole, I can try to simplify to be understandable to all, both male and female readers!!  The feedback made me realize that I had to simplify my theory much, much more! If something is understandable to me, as the author, it’s not necessarily understandable to a reader.

The ONE of Four

Louis BodnarLet’s talk about ONE again.  As I said in my last essay,

The essence of my “One, Two, Three, Four” theory of intimate human relationships (referred to in this essay simply as “4”) is the “Self,” which is the One in “4.”

As the One (1) in “4”, the “self,” refers to an individual human being with the Good Lord and our Savior, Jesus Christ in that individual’s heart and soul that begins the circle of life for that individual at birth.  Who can look in the face of a newborn child and deny the existence of God?  In One, if there is no spark of life given by our Creator, then there is nothing…

Can we agree on ONE??  Can we all understand ONE??  Is there any confusion about ONE??

Blueprint of The “One, Two, Three, Four” Theory

For simplicity’s sake, here is the “blueprint” of FOUR to guide my readers, so here is “One, Two, Three, Four Simplified:”

One – Self

Two – The two and only important things on this planet: survival and the quest for emotional intimacy.

Three – “How to” have emotional intimacy with another: commonality, sharing, and LOVE

Four – The four-part definition of Love!

Okay, all??  Is that “KISS Doctrine” enough??  I hope so…

The TWO of Four

But first, let’s see about TWO of FOUR…

Again, from my first “blog,” My Journey, and I’ll quote:

The Two in “4” represents the two and only important aspects of life in our world, survival and an individual’s quest for emotional intimacy with other individuals, the top being between a man and a woman as created by our Lord between Adam and Eve to begin the human experience. The product of survival and doing that well is serenity, while the product of the quest for emotional intimacy is happiness and joy. 

In summary, the TWO of FOUR is the two and only important aspects of life in our world, survival and an individual’s quest for emotional intimacy!

So, is that’s TWO of FOUR!  And once again I’ll ask: Is TWO understandable??  Is TWO confusing?? What do YOU think so far?? I’d be delighted in your feedback!

Okay, we’re getting to the really important parts of my theory, “The ONE, TWO, THREE, FOUR of Human Relationships.”   The next essay will be about THREE!!

And I’ll challenge my readers to turn my theory into a one-sentence statement!  Let’s try to do just that together, okay Readers??  I’m already formulating that one-sentence statement that everyone can understand as to the meaning of this, my theory!

In just re-reading the above, I’m asking myself – Am I getting too bogged down in just “numbers”??  Huhmm…